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Christmas Tree

Reader Wish List

I've curated a holiday wish list for readers and welcome you to browse through it and if you see something you like, click on the image and it will take you to Amazon. I do get a tiny bump if you buy anything from Amazon, and that supports my author business. Thanks for being here. If you want a chance to win $20 toward any of these items from this list sign up for my newsletter here and enter my Reader Appreciation Giveaway in my December and January newsletters. Happy Holidays from my home to yours! 

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Reading Accessories

You've got everything you need to get comfy and tackle that TBR list. Or do you? Page markers, ebook holders, book marks... they've got some new gadgets out there! 

Cozy Things

No better time than when it's cold and miserable outside to grab a good book and get cozy. A steaming hot cup of tea, bold holiday coffee, a nice warm throw. All you need is a friendly fluffy pooch to keep your feet warm and you're ready to crack open your favorite book and dive into a new world.  

Family Entertainment

When my son is home, we play this almost every night. We keep a running tab of the highest score. Tell me if you can beat our highest ever score of 337! 

My brother-in law gave us this game about seven years ago and we're still playing it! Fast paced and competitive, and of course my son always wins!

My oldest daughter introduced us to this game and we've spent hours trying to figure out who doesn't know the category. It's a game of bluffing, clever word play, and hilarity. All three kids (15-22) enjoyed this one! 

Another fun game from my oldest daughter (20)  and a clever play on gin rummy using tiles and wild cards. We all liked this, except for the shorty-pants (I5) who didn't have the patience to learn it. Introverts, am I right? 


What is on your TBR list? Grab one of those bad boys, or maybe that new book you couldn't resist and cozy up in your favorite reading spot, whether your bed, a comfy chair or a secret hiding place away from the kids! It's time to read. 

I've grabbed some new (and almost new) books from my client list (my other job is author consultant) and I'd love for you to check out their books. From award winning crime writers (one was a physician, the other a chief of police), to teachers turned children's book authors, I've got an amazing group of authors I'm working with to make their book publishing dreams come true. You can find out more about my business (and sign up for free books in exchange for honest reviews) over on my consulting website here:

  • RUBBER PLACEHOLDER: Bookmark has weighted ends to stay in place and textured bottom for hands free reading--NEW AND IMPROVED HEAVIER DESIGN-- Heavier upgraded design is suitable for Hard & Soft Cover & large and small Books

The Stealing Time Series

Of course, don't forget about my books. They make great holiday gifts, in fact I have an exclusive bundle right now of all three books in the Stealing Time Series bundled in one convenient eBook. That's over 1500 pages of time travel goodness for only $9.99!  You can also find the paperbacks on Amazon if that's your jam, and I have hardback of Killing Time. I can gift wrap and mail out paperbacks to your gift list by December 15, and as long as the mailman doesn't mess up, they'll be there in time for the holidays. Interested, click here.

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Book 1                Book 2                  Book 3 
  • RUBBER PLACEHOLDER: Bookmark has weighted ends to stay in place and textured bottom for hands free reading--NEW AND IMPROVED HEAVIER DESIGN-- Heavier upgraded design is suitable for Hard & Soft Cover & large and small Books

Great Reads


Someone is killing the citizens of Hildebrandt, Texas, and carving perplexing numbers on the bodies. Police Officer Marla Adams has never wanted to be the lead investigator of a major crime, but when her father, the police chief, struggles with mental illness and second in command, her husband Detective Crosby Adams, battles his own demons with drugs and alcohol, she is pressed to take control. Everyone expects her to fail.

In The Russian, New Mexico State Trooper Enrique (Ricky) Basurto joins other local, state, and federal agents in the Multi-Agency Human and Controlled Substance Interdiction Task Force. Focused along the desolate NM Hwy. 9 from Columbus to Animas, Ricky and his colleagues face the dangers of the powerful cartels, their heavily armed militias, the Russian Mafia, and the innocent men, women, and children who are their victims.

Centered in the near ghost town of Hachita, New Mexico, “We Were Young Once …,” brings the reader into the Chihuahua desert where the federal/state task force comes face-to-face with the victims and perpetrators of the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels.

A Writers’ Digest review described Nichols’ writing “…what impressed me was the verisimilitude, the sense of being taken into a story by an author who really had been there and done that.”

Remo Wolf is a Chicago Police Officer haunted by memories of his tour in Afghanistan. Alcohol and his partner, Bobby Lynch, help soothe the rough edges. When Bobby is killed in a late-night ambush, Remo’s troubles escalate when the police discover Bobby’s slaying is not an isolated incident, Remo is offered a chance at redemption as an undercover police officer and hunt those responsible for the assassinations. 

Drake Kilborn learned to pilot spray planes in his youth. Although it was generally understood he’d inherit the business, he felt the lure of moving to a nearby city so that he could continue flying, but for higher stakes and higher rewards, rewards from hauling illicit herbicides used to defoliate cotton—and cause cancer for those who handled it. Kilborn has a flirtation with suicide. Freddy Paz, an undercover Texas Ranger builds a case against Kilborn and his reckless behavior. Will he be brought to justice? 

Non Fiction

Adventures Down the Texas Rabbit Hole is a collection of personal essays and photographs that embodies a true sense of the West, with Alice Liles’ clear Texas twang echoing through the pages. Through her eyes, we are given a tour of small town Texas, as if she were there with you personally introducing you to her neighbors, the local shop owners, businesses breathing life into the American experience outside the big city.

Children's Books

Book Four, Lakota, Hero Horse, begins with the twins' tenth birthday party, a Christmas parade with their friends, and Christmas vacation with their grandparents. The story tells of gentle family celebrations, a "Charlie Brown" scrawny tree, Hummingbird totem poles, and a courageous rescue by Lakota.

Miah was Ella Cardwells’ mare and barrel-racing mount during her rodeo career. Miah was almost twenty years old, and Ella wanted one more foal from her. No one was worried about the foaling. Miah had never had problems, but she had shown signs of discomfort that troubled Austin and Ella. Ranch-hands Daniel and Sam were at the ranch to support the birth. Carli and Camilla made bets whether the foal would be a colt or a filly. They also picked names and planned to make a big deal for Miah and her new foal. Foaling was problematic, and the twins quickly learned how to deal with sadness.

Debra Steffens - Bailey Comes Home - Front Only - FullRes PNG.png

Coming soon: Bailey had had a very sad and lonely life. Her owners had left her on the side of the road. Even though she had been deserted by her family and treated badly by strangers, Bailey never loses her faith and it was her nightly prayer for a loving home. She believed in her heart that somewhere, there was a person who would love her just the way she was. She holds on to her dream of a family and a forever home. Bailey learns to deal with loss of her best friend and the worry for her lady. Travel along with Bailey, on her adventure and through hardships to find happiness in her forever home.

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