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Time Travel through the Eye of a Hurricane

             Book 1                                             Book 2                                            Book 3                               Blow (Short Story)
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All 4 books 99 Cents Each! 


What readers are saying:

"KJ Waters adeptly interweaves elements of suspense, romance, betrayal, mystery, and intrigue into a thrilling science fiction series involving a new twist on time travel. The author jolts the reader with multiple adrenaline rushes, using her own survival mode experience with hurricanes that devastated Florida in 2004...The detailed historical settings are well-researched, and the lively characters in the present and past bring out every possible human emotion...This series belongs on the big screen!" Amazon Review

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Storm Clouds

What Readers are Saying

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Spitfire and Brimstone:

Sherry watches the taillights of the old Chevy disappear in the dust as the man she loves drives away from her life forever. When a tornado siren goes off, Sherry frantically searches for her cat, Spitfire, and leaves a message for Robby to come back to the storm shelter. Stalled by the distractions, she cuts it close and cannot open the shelter door. Will the storm sweep her away, or will she survive to find Spitfire and Bobby lost in the storm? 

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