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KJ Waters


KJ Waters is the author of the #1 best-selling time travel series including Stealing Time, Shattering Time, and Killing Time. KJ also has a international best selling short-story Blow. 

In addition to her writing, she provides author consulting through her company KJ Waters Consultancy, book covers through Blondie's Custom Book Covers, and co-hosts the popular podcast Blondie and the Brit.

She has a Master’s in Business and over 20 years of experience in the marketing field. Before quitting her job to raise a family and work on writing she was the Director of Marketing and communications for a national behavioral healthcare company.

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1. Stealing Time -- Book 1 in the Stealing Time Series

  • Currently has over 200 reviews on USA Amazon with an average of 4.0 out of 5 stars.


Stealing Time is a "Breathtakingly original" time travel adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As Hurricane Charley churns a path of destruction towards Orlando, Florida, Ronnie Andrews and her best friend, Stephanie McKay, scramble to prepare for the storm. Ronnie seeks shelter at her boyfriend’s weather lab while Steph heads back to her house. 

During the peak of the storm, Ronnie is hurtled back in time to eighteenth-century London where she is caught in a web of superstition, deception, and lies in a life and death struggle to return to her own time. 
Steph is thrust into the middle of the hurricane, but it quickly turns into a living nightmare as she is faced with losing everything. Stealing Time: Book 1 in the Stealing Time Series.



2. Shattering Time -- Book 2 in the Stealing Time Series

  • Currently has nearly 100 reviews on Amazon with 4.4 out of 5 stars



The number one best-selling thriller Stealing Time continues it’s “breathtakingly original” journey.

Ronnie Andrews returns from eighteenth-century London shell-shocked from her first terrifying time travel encounter. Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Brennan, casts doubt on her sanity leaving Ronnie wondering if she went back in time or is having a mental breakdown.

To add to the tension, Hurricane Francis, a storm the size of Texas, is barreling towards Florida and her fears of a repeat time travel experience mount. Ronnie’s best friend Steph, along with her friend Nick and Steph’s younger brother Ian, shield Ronnie from the dangers of Francis but cannot save her from traveling back in time. Unfortunately, their meddling brings Ronnie to the brink of destruction as they are caught in the throes of the hurricane’s wrath.

Once again, Ronnie is transported to dangerous places and plagued with desperate situations, while experiencing perilous cultures including one of America’s first mysteries -- the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. 

A stunning conclusion brings Ronnie face to face with a dangerous ally who may hold the key to her past while offering salvation for her future. 

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3. Blow – A Short Story 

  • Currently has 50 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars.


Caught between a hurricane and a deadly secret, Rick Harris struggles against a ticking clock when the wrong people show up at his door looking for shelter. As the storm closes in wreaking havoc on Pensacola, Florida, he has to make a choice between saving their lives and exposing a secret that could cost him everything.

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4. Book 3 -- Killing Time -- (Spring 2020) The third book joins Ronnie just after Hurricane Francis where Ronnie is questioning her sanity. Adding to her angst her mother reveals that her father’s death five years ago was not from natural causes, but maybe from a mental illness much like what Ronnie is experiencing with the episodes of time travel.


She escapes the never-ending stream of storms in Florida to join her boss, Mike Walsh, on a business trip to Puerto Rico. She is running away from her time travel experiences and troubles with her boyfriend, Jeffrey, and straight into the eye of Hurricane Jeanne as it forms off the coast of Puerto Rico. Trapped on the island with mudslides, a severely damaged power grid, and Mike Walsh, who on the surface seems to be a nice guy but something Jeffrey has unearthed has left Ronnie fearful of her safety around him. With no one else to turn to she must rely on him to survive the storm and is forced to make a life and death choice forever changing her path.