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Christmas Tree

Reader Wish List

I've curated a holiday wish list for readers and welcome you to browse through it and if you see something you like, click on the image and it will take you to Amazon. I do get a tiny bump if you buy anything from Amazon, and that supports my author business. Thanks for being here.


If you want a chance to win $20 toward any of these items from this list sign up for my newsletter at the red button above and enter my Reader Appreciation Giveaway. You will be added to my newsletter to sign up.  Happy Holidays from my home to yours! 

Green White Winter Motivational Inspirational Snowfall Mobile Video.jpg

Reading Accessories

You've got everything you need to get comfy and tackle that TBR list. Or do you? Page markers, ebook holders, book marks... they've got some new gadgets out there! 

15 magnet book marks
Stacked books table lamp
Book lovers Advent calendar
Funny Bookmark
Outlander inspired bookmarks
Mug and warmer
Remote control pager turner for Kindle Reading
Ereader holder

Cozy Things

No better time than when it's cold and miserable outside to grab a good book and get cozy. A steaming hot cup of tea, bold holiday coffee, a nice warm throw. All you need is a friendly fluffy pooch to keep your feet warm and you're ready to crack open your favorite book and dive into a new world.  

Ginger Peach Tea, my favorite!
Santa Hat
Do Not Disturb Socks
Lidded mug, "Just One More Chapter"
Funny Shirt
Scented candle
Holiday Throw Blanket
Book Lovers Tea with literary quotes

Family Entertainment


Aren't these Outlander inspired playing cards cool? I play a ridiculous amount of cards when my son is home from grad school. Bridge for the most part now, but we went through spades, hearts, poker, black jack, and euchre. 


When my son is home, we play this almost every night. We keep a running tab of the highest score. Tell me if you can beat our highest ever score of 337! 


My brother-in law gave us this game about seven years ago and we're still playing it! Fast paced and competitive,, you build bears who eat horrible babies. 

The Chameleon

My oldest daughter introduced us to this game and we've spent hours trying to figure out who doesn't know the category. It's a game of bluffing, clever word play, and hilarity. All three kids (15-22) enjoyed this one! 


Another fun game from my oldest daughter (20)  and a clever play on gin rummy using tiles and wild cards. We all liked this, except for the shorty-pants (I5) who didn't have the patience to learn it. Introverts, am I right? 


I'm sure I'd be the house champ if we played Outlander trivia. Wouldn't that be a fun girls night with your equally obsessed Outlander buddies? 

Great Reads

What is on your TBR list? Grab one of those bad boys, or maybe that new book you couldn't resist and cozy up in your favorite reading spot, whether your bed, a comfy chair or a secret hiding place away from the kids! It's time to read. 

I've grabbed some new (and almost new) books from my client list (my other job is author consultant) and I'd love for you to check out their books. From award winning crime writers (one was a physician, another a chief of police. and newspaperman), to teachers turned children's book authors, I've got an amazing group of authors I'm working with to make their book publishing dreams come true. You can find out more about my business (and sign up for free books for honest reviews) over on my consulting website here:

The Stealing Time Series

Of course, don't forget about my books. They make great holiday gifts, in fact, I have an exclusive bundle right now of all three books in the Stealing Time Series in one convenient eBook. That's over 1500 pages of time travel goodness for only $9.99!  This is a $5 savings if you bought each book seperately. You can also find the paperbacks on Amazon if that's your jam, and I have hardback of Killing Time. I can gift wrap and mail out paperbacks to your gift list by December 15, and as long as the mailman doesn't mess up, they'll be there in time for the holidays. Interested, click here.

Stealing Time - KJ Waters - Copy2218x3334.jpg
Shattering Time ECover 1-High.jpg
Killing Time - Front Only - Small PNG.png
Book 1                Book 2                  Book 3 
New holiday bundle.jpg

2023 New and Almost New Releases

Coming Soon! Small Town Mystery
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